LTD Announcement

Hey community, at this moment we’re publicly announcing a new LTD on our homepage.

We still have to define the pricing structure and implement LTD payment and LTD onboarding.

What we do know for now:

• The sales start on Nov 18th, and by then we will have everything ready.

• Prices will start from $99 for 1 workspace.

• Early supporters will be able to upgrade their existing deals by buying a new deal at a 50% discount.

The previous deal will definitely be the best one with respect to our early supporters and if you decide to upgrade it, the 50% discount will ensure that you can do so on even better terms than the first deal.

Note: We know that you guys like to invest in software because it is offered for a special price and there’s FOMO. With Infinity, you already have the best deal possible and there’s no need to upgrade it to get any further updates/features or anything.

You should only do this if you like the software and think that you need more workspaces/storage and that it is a smart investment for the future.

With this in mind and since some of you already asked if there will be a possibility to upgrade, we decided to apply a 50% discount code to your accounts if you decide to buy a new deal or get additional workspaces/storage.

Deal Promotion:

It would mean the world to us if you supported us throughout this campaign.

You can do that by recommending Infinity to your network.

There’s a referral giveaway contest on our homepage you should check out.

The goal is to raise awareness about Infinity, get more people to use the product and generate sales to invest in scaling the team and moving event faster in 2020.

Features we plan to release by November 15th:

• Gantt/Timeline view is progressing really well and it’s close to being completed.

• Advanced Permissions and Public Boards are also moving fast, we’re already beta testing internally.

• Form view is also on the way for November 15th.

• Moving boards to folders, folders to boards and folders to folders are in the pre-deploy stage.

• Attributes Modal/Sidebar UI and redesign is on the way.

• Adding a new item in a table (before/after rows) is also done and waiting to be deployed.

Thank you for being with us from the start, giving us great ideas to improve the product, and motivating us to push forward.

The team is working hard to make this possible.

We can do this!


This all very exciting! It’s great that you’re offering the significant discount to early supporters too!

The coming features, changes and updates sound fantastic. You guys are on it and doing excellent work. A lot to look forward to!