Make individual text fields for "Checklist" attribute expand, and display full "Checklist" text entry on Cards

Make individual “Checklist” fields the same as the “Description” (Long Text) field. So that while typing multiple lines of text into the field, it expands to display all the text being typed.

The way it is now is that only one line of text is viewable while typing, and we only see all the lines typed into the field (the whole paragraph) after finishing the entry and the field closes.

~ Being able to view the full text as it’s entered would be great. Seeing the full text as opposed to a single line would make it much easier to edit long Checklist entries.

On the Card in the Folder, a Checklist entry that is long displays as an abbreviation of the full text. This means we have to open an item’s details panel just to see all of each Checklist with a long entry.

~ Being able to see the full text of each Checklist entry on the Card in the Folder would make Checklists more smooth. Visually referencing the whole Checklist directly on the Card without having to open an item’s details would also make using them considerably more practical.

Hey @chrish,

Thanks for this suggestion.

Right now, it sounds very good, but the only thing that keeps me a bit skeptic is the UX/general look on the card if the checklist text is fully displayed. Especially when there are a lot of attributes on that specific item (but you can always hide them using the ‘Customize’ feature, I guess).

Anyway, I’ve shared this idea with my team, and let’s see how will they respond. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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