Make the UI brighter

I always feel quite dull and dark while working since the background is a little grey rather than white. Even though I try to make the theme colour of the board as white as possible, the best it gets is grey. I hope you will add the options for making the UI bright (white background, white color board,…) so I can feel more energetic while working.

Thank you!

Hi @ehnmm

Thank you for that suggestion, please fee free to submit it via this form as well, so that other users can vote for it at well.

I’ll be honest, we’ve had requests for color coding different aspects of Infnity, folders, cells, columns and so much more, recently we’ve received a huge number of requests for Dark Mode as well. People would describe infinity as extremely bright and that they would do anything to have a dark mode - for which we suggest using this extension as a workaround until we release / create our own dark mode, but making it brighter is a first one (at least for me). Regardless of it being the first one, I am sure our team will take it into consideration and evaluate if that is something that can be useful or added to infinity!