Making external use of the data

I’ve spent a week building up a snazzy database of info, but apart from looking at it visually I’m not sure how to make use of it for such things as mailing lists, or even how to print out an item record or a filtered list.

Am I missing something so obvious that I will have to slap my forehead in shame?

Hey @leshenderson,

You are right, for now, we do not have some ‘crazy’ actions, automations or integrations, after you’ve organized, packed and defined the data in the most beautiful way :slight_smile:

The plan is to include actions like that this year, starting from Q2 (Automations, Native integrations, API).

How about the less exotic ones like printing? I’d like to impress people but not give them access directly.


I have the same issue. Printing is still used by many businesses. Why would you create an app without the ability to print?

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Hi @steve.apodaca,

Not really a question for me, but I’ll try to answer in the best way possible for you.

As we’ve had a lot of early members before the product launch (back in 2018) we’ve collected feedback regarding many, many features, and the print feature wasn’t a much of a priority.

Do you mind if you opened a new topic here on the Community Forum and see how will people vote for the print feature?

Hi @coa and @steve.apodaca,

This is a major issue for me. If I want to build a product roadmap or a project plan with timeline it is essential that I be able to share this with clients. And the best way to do that is via printing. Or conversion to PDF which I can then email as an attachment.

There seems to be no option to make our work available via printing. And the only export I see is CSV which defeats the purpose as I would then have to recreate in Excel or some other platform.

I would look to be kept in the loop regarding how printing will be handled (if ever)…


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Not so important for me as i plan to collaborate and share everything digitally.

Would be a great feature to have for creating lead magnets and downloadable resources.

Also for the reasons mentioned above.

A gross work around right now would be the “old print screen”

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Hey @ddowdie!

Thanks for your input and welcome to the CF :slight_smile:

Hmm. Yes, the only option to export for now is CSV. What I can do is include your suggestion(s) to the Roadmap and see how will the community vote :slight_smile:

BTW. Yeah, old-school print screen would be a decent solution, I guess. :slight_smile:

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I think the assumption you might have is that everyone looking at the data is part of a team and not an outside customer that I only want to show a bit of data to, but not give them access to the platform so they just run off and buy it for themselves.

I’m a one person operation and I find that asking a potential customer to log in to see something that you could send in an email is futile.

Perhaps depriving marketers of a print to pdf function is depriving yourselves of a vast but entirely unexpected market.


I think that the reason printing wasn’t on the “high” list is that it’s an assumption that you will be able to print in some way - directly or via a pdf.

I know this sounds strange, but I feel like my data is being held hostage… :slight_smile:

Brent Done


Welcome to the community Brent!
I know it’s not very practical and agree a print option is necessary, but you can always export your data via csv and print the csv file.
For showing externals a bit of data, I would use a screenshot atm.
But I’m looking forward to better options, too. Be sure to vote for it on the roadmap!


I find it interesting that it wasn’t requested, perhaps it’s such a basic request and the testers back then were looking for shiny features.

For me I think you should look at things like this in a different light, it may not be a fancy feature but for someone out there it will be a stumbling block that will turn them off a product. It’s always the little things that are stumbling blocks, like it took 4 clicks instead of 2 or the ui is just not quite right, there is too little screen real estate, I can’t see my images so easily at a glance, etc etc things that slow us up and being a distraction. Learning curve is a biggie, is your product too hard compared to the competitor who has had more time to fine tune things.
For these sort of things a roadmap won’t necessarily help to gather data, it’s real world users experience; are they humming along at a pace or are they being held up by the little things.
So I would place this under Fine Tuning, just like an artist goes over his image seeking perfection, but you have to be quick about it.
Good luck.

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Hey @Derrick, thanks for the feedback. We’re doing our best to fine tune it as we go.

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