Making external use of the data


I’ve spent a week building up a snazzy database of info, but apart from looking at it visually I’m not sure how to make use of it for such things as mailing lists, or even how to print out an item record or a filtered list.

Am I missing something so obvious that I will have to slap my forehead in shame?



Hey @leshenderson,

You are right, for now, we do not have some ‘crazy’ actions, automations or integrations, after you’ve organized, packed and defined the data in the most beautiful way :slight_smile:

The plan is to include actions like that this year, starting from Q2 (Automations, Native integrations, API).



How about the less exotic ones like printing? I’d like to impress people but not give them access directly.



I have the same issue. Printing is still used by many businesses. Why would you create an app without the ability to print?

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Hi @steve.apodaca,

Not really a question for me, but I’ll try to answer in the best way possible for you.

As we’ve had a lot of early members before the product launch (back in 2018) we’ve collected feedback regarding many, many features, and the print feature wasn’t a much of a priority.

Do you mind if you opened a new topic here on the Community Forum and see how will people vote for the print feature?