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My attributes list on a few of my boards has gotten a bit hectic… It would be nice if there was a place/way to manage the attributes in folders. e.g. what attributes are used in what company, what attributes exist in items that have moved folders (the invisible attributes).



Hey @BaiJie this is something that we’re trying to figure out how to ultimately improve the UX for attributes and how to best ‘explain’ how attributes works and how are they connected throughout the system.

We were thinking that Folder Settings will solve the issue but it maybe made it even complicated to understand. Do you use this panel to add new attributes to folder?

I guess that we would need a special Attributes panel that shows how they are connected and in what folder they are used. As well as to manage them, reuse, delete, etc…



Hi @coa,

I have not used that panel before. I have had my Folder Architecture set in place for some time now, but there are new details that I add as my projects get more complex. The biggest problem is that I end up just creating new attributes when I already have one somewhere else in the project with the same functionality. When I get to this point, there isn’t any way to merge them together because the data is no longer consolidated to one. I think having a separate attribute manager would probably solve the problem, but I think there may be a better way to organize the UX from the get-go (a much harder project after everything is in production…)

I wonder if you could have a “hidden attributes” feature that allows the user to see all of the attributes in a board, but wouldn’t be immediately visible in a folder unless they were “added” to that folder. That way one item still has all of the attributes, but you can maintain the conciseness of certain folders that don’t need as much information. When adding more attributes, there would then be a list first of the “hidden” attributes that you could use, or create a new attribute for the entire project. You could select if that attribute is visible to just that folder, or to the whole project. When a new attribute is added though, it would be added to the whole board in hidden mode. Maybe a combination of these things would be the best.

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is there any place (now or in developement) where it’s possible to manage attributes, where we can check where attr. are used? (only way I can find out now is to make a new folder, but that’s not enough)

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Hey @Bartosz, like Stefan said, we’re still trying to figure out how to solve this matter and how to best create this functionality for managing attributes. It’s not an easy decision so we still have some thinking and defining to do.

@BaiJie, once you create an attribute in any folder it will be sort of ‘hidden’ in other folders in that board. In the sense that when you click ‘Add new attribute’ you will immediately get the options to reuse those attributes that you already have inside the board. That way, your new folder is not cluttered with all the attributes that you created (can you imagine having all the attributes from one board on each item?) but you can still easily and quickly use that attribute again.



Hi @Jovana,

My thought is more of a button that would allow you to change the view inside an individual item, showing all of the attributes that the particular item could be hiding at the time. It is easy to find a list of all the attributes that exist in a project; it is hard to remember which items may have had attributes that are now hidden, because they have moved from one folder to another.



I see. Yes, I suppose it can get a bit tough when items are moved around. I’ll add it as a suggestion regarding attribute management. We’ll see what the product team thinks. :slight_smile:

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