Manual Notifications


My company could use a way to do Manual Notifications.

This can be for a group, a role or a workspace.

Also the ability to schedule the notifications would be awesome.



Hi @snowboarderhusky,

I have made an internal suggestion for this, to basically mention (whole team - ex. marketing team) a whole team and notify them instantly via comments.

Not sure how hard the implementation and creation of this could be, but I do believe that it could be a useful feature - especially if you are working with larger number of employees/collaborators/people.

For now, unfortunately, you would have to tag each individual person in the comment section in order to give them the update.

Or, a better workaround, you can subscribe them (multiple people) to a specific item and whenever there’s a new comment on that specific item, everyone who is subscribed to it will get notified.

Thank you for the suggestion @snowboarderhusky, we appreciate it! :+1: