Mark notification as read upon opening the task


If I get a notification about certain task (e. g. getting it assigned) and then open the task manually (not through notifications), the notification does not get marked as read.

This is annoying since I have to manually clean notifications after opening tasks. It would be nice if after opening a certain task its notification got automatically marked as read.



Hi @kuba welcome to the community, I am happy to see you around :partying_face: :+1:

I completely understand what you mean by that, it can get annoying especially when you have a lot of comments on the same item and notifications for each one individually. Why not clear them all together when I check the comment section. :man_shrugging:

Although, I can also see it the other way around, where people would still like to get those notifications and have them there (unread), just to be sure that they have gone through each one individually and not by something they did not intend on doing. (accidentally opening an item or clicking on it). :thinking:

Thank you for this, I’ll make sure to create an internal ticket so that we can discuss this and see if it’s something we can potentially implement, and I would also encourage you to jump on this form and suggest the same - so that other users can vote for it. :pray: :slight_smile: