Master sort for attributes


Please add a sorting option for all attribute columns in board / main folder. If you create folders, the attribute columns have to be sorted (i think the standart sort is the creation sequence?).

Also, when a new folder is created, start with the initial page which asks for which view is wanted, now i am deleting or adjusting the ‘overview’ everytime…

Thank you :-), great job on infinity, lets beat together.


Hey @sawady!

Welcome to the Community Forum and thank you for the kind words and a suggestion.

Can you elaborate more on this topic? I think I didn’t quite catch that. Do you want attributes to be sorted in A-Z order in a Table View or?

A screenshot or two would be very helpful. :slight_smile:

Seems like he wants to create his own default folder creation template (I.e. a new folder starts with a particular set of view configuration settings already in place) and the ability to choose which view a new folder is populated with.

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Thanks for that, @CodeKnight. Now it does make more sense.

Yes, custom templates are indeed a powerful and very useful feature.

What I can suggest for now is to select a folder, and ‘Duplicate without items’.

That way, you’ll have your structure recreated in a new, blank (0 items) folder.

Our ambition, though, is to create ‘a hub’ for all saved templates you can use across the workspace. It would save lots of time and would definitely be an awesome (additional) customization step in Infinity.

And maybe even sharing those custom templates live :wink: Right, @CodeKnight? :slight_smile:


Lets make the Infiniverse Happen!



Sorry for late reply. Problem is the following:

all folder attributes are sorted/added in the folder this way:

and when a new folder is created, this is the default sort of the table (left to right):

So every folder, i have to rearrange the columns. Maybe we can ‘sort’ the attributes in the main folders settings so that when a new folder is created, it follows this default sort of the attributes.

So far i can do what needs to be done, so it is only a little more work to sort columns every folder manually.

Greetings and thanks

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A great idea! Hopefully they can implement this as well.

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Hey @sawady,

No worries for the late reply. I’ve shared this suggestion with the team and it has earned its place in the suggestions queue. :slight_smile: