Max unique entries while creating a label


While importing a CSV it is giving me a following error

“issues found. Max 50 unique label per CSV. You have 103 unique labels”

I am giving this field a Label attribute and it has a limit to 50, is there any ways I can how more unique labels? I need them?



Ask on the chat, it’s 24 hours, they may help you do this.



Hi @acc.studiovsync welcome to the community, glad to have you here :partying_face: :wave:

Yes, when importing through the CSV option there are some limits:

  1. You can import up to 3000 items (rows)
  2. You can import up to around 50 individual attributes
  3. 50 unique labels as you’ve discovered.

Unfortunately you won’t be able to import more than 50 unique labels, however - you will be able to add more manually after you import data.

So, I would edit the csv file , remove some of those labels (or export the data again with less unique labels, bring that number down to 50 from 103 unique labels) and import it like that, afterwards I would manually add the labels I need.

One extra tip, as @Derrick said, the fastest way to get help is actually through our live chat option - it is 24/7 available, you can locate the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen while in infinity or while navigating infinitys official website.


Hope that helps :v:



Isn’t it possible by now to import multiple CSV into the same folder?
You may split your CSV so that you can import all labels in multiple steps.



Hi @micck :wave:

Yes, absolutely, but that won’t add additional “labels” to the same “label attribute” he was using, he would have to create another one during the mapping process and use that newly created label attribute.

Depending on how he has organized his data or what he is trying to achieve, that might work just fine for him, but if he needs one label attribute with all those 103 unique labels, then that might be a problem, as he will have to create “additional” label attributes which might cause issue when it comes to managing his data later on.

To figure this all out - it might be the best for him to contact us via live chat option - as we’ll be able to explain instantly and in much more detail :slight_smile: