Member permission limitation

I found the permission system to member is incomplete or contradictory. Basically, if I want my Full member to add/remove other member (restricted or full member) in between a board or folder ONLY, I have to toggle on “Manage permission”, which will allow them to modify till Workspace level. Me as owner, I should be able to allow them to add and remove team members on the Boards they are invited and not be able to manage anything else at workspace level. I have almost 90 members and the level of mess they can make (especially new members which are not familiar, but also others) is crazy and scary, as they can mess up the work of many others.
In other words, how can I give “manage permission” Only to board level and NOT to workspace level? as it is wrote on help section (and tested already), permission at board level will override permission at workspace level, which mean, those member can play around where they shouldn’t. At the present, I have dedicated 1 member to help others to add and remove team members case by case till folder level, which is ridiculous. If I am missing something, please inform