Mentions in Roadmap

Why is it not possible to mention someone in the comments of the public roadmap? It works for some people (I assume the infinity team), but not for all. If the roadmap should be used as a place to discuss and improve suggestions then this functionality would be very useful.

Hi @micck, yes I’ve noticed the need for this myself as I was working on updating the roadmap. :slight_smile: However, I believe it would not be possible.

Unfortunately, as this is a public board, it would not be able to work that way. When accessing the public board, I am logged in and I can see my team members (as this is essentially a board created in our Infinity workspace), but the system can’t pull the data from everybody who is accessing the public board. Although it would be useful in this case, it would be a major security issue (to mention someone you would need to pull their name and email), and also it would be pretty much impossible for the system to deduce who are the people on the public board that can be mentioned.

I hope it makes sense. I understand the need for it, but I believe it would be close to impossible to make it work.

That makes sense. Would some kind of guest status be possible? Like you can apply for a guest status which the infinity team can then grant.
Only registered guest can then be mentioned not visitors, but most if not all of the comments there are from people having a infinity account anyway.
Thinking it further you could create some more user status groups with increasing the rights on the board. Like in this forum.

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Thanks, your response makes sense. I hadn’t thought it out and realized that, as I’ve posted a few comments for things in which I mentioned Infinity staff. Hopefully you (the staff) monitor the comments regularly, since mentions directed to you aren’t relayed to you.