Merge Attributes with identical purpose


I’ve got maybe 5 “Description” Attributes on a Project across multiple folders… I would love to be able to Merge them into one…

I don’t know if there is an easy way to do this, or if it is one-by-one situation? Perhaps in the future bulk-edit could address this issue?

I would hope that information from one could be added to the bottom of the other, maintaining all the content, but combining into one.



Hey @BaiJie,

I hear you, bud.

It sometimes happens to me too that I create 3-4 same attribute types, name them differently, but they serve the same purpose.

For now, there is no way to ‘merge’ them. I’m thinking of a solution that you could maybe define your one key attribute, use it in all the folders, and delete the rest (btw, when you delete attributes from the whole board, you’ll get a message where are you currently using that attribute, which might help a lot).



Hi @coa,

I’m gonna try to resurrect this issue. I’d still love to be able to “merge” attributes. Again for text, values from each duplicate could be added underneath the next.

When deleting/viewing attributes, it would also be super happy to see how many items it is used, not only which folders it is presently being used.




I’ll comment on this suggestion ticket right away with your feedback :slight_smile:




Thanks for being there for us @coa!

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