Minimize task when dragging/dropping to other folders

Currently, the tasks still inherit their own size when dragging them from the main board to a folder. I cannot see which folder I’m dropping it in if the task is too big.

Would be great if we have the option to minimize the task, like maybe just have the task name visible and not the picture/other tags.

See example below:


Nice suggestion! :slight_smile:

It’s that or make the card’s opacity low when it’s being dragged around the screen.
Whatever is easier. I think either method would accomplish the same mission.

Quick example


Hey @david and @veronica,

I completely agree with you guys. That is the case with the ‘Columns’ view.

Until we sort this out, maybe a good, but a temporary solution would be to hide some of the attributes in the ‘Customize’ section.

@veronica, we might just build that. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!