Mirror data in separate folders without using whole item information

I´m wondering if there is a way to have infinity to mirror data in separate folders while not using the whole item information using the reference attribute. I need it for this usecase:

Folder 1: Students Information (Name, Age, Telephone, …, Lesson Day, Lesson Time) [only school admins have access]
Folder 2: Timetable (only shows Name, Age, Lesson Day & Time) [Teacher have access here]

Once something is changed in the Students Information folder, it gets auto updated in the Timetable.

The reference attribute doesn’t help much, because I cannot restrict which fields of the student information can be seen by the teacher. A teacher doesn’t need to know payment information for example.

Creating it without the mirroring would be possible, but this is just one example. I need several folders for each student for different kind of things and I don´t want to manually have to adjust them everytime something changes.

So does anyone have a suggestion on how to handle this?


I’d also like to hear if anyone has a suggestion for this functionality. Hopefully this is slated for the feature-suite of automation(s). In the meantime it’d be great to hear if someone has successfully tackled this.

Not yet. But I’d like my employees to comment on clients (items) without seeing their contact details or finance information.

Great idea, I can definitely use this type of mirroring in my business