Missing an Atribute Viewer

I’ve tested a bunch of templates in my folders to structure my business.
To remove an Atribute (feature, not value), I have to add it to a folder (from a long list of atributes), and then remove it from my board. There is no Atribute Viewer so I can delete an unwanted atribute from my Folder.

It would be useful and faster to use templates this way, because sometimes I just need part of a Template, and by deleting the folders that I don’t want, sometimes I wish to delete the atributes from that folders.

There is no Atribute list to check the board atributes so I can remove/edit some of them after importing a template.
Suggestion: Add to Project/Board Overview an option to add, edit or remove projects general Atributes; or add to folder settings the hability to view/remove atributes.

Hey @Tayshiro,

Thanks for the suggestion, I completely understand the flow you’re talking about.

A more functional panel to manipulate attributes is definitely in the plans.

With ‘Reuse’ feature, we planned on saving tons of members’ time not creating attributes they need from scratch every time. However, an option to remove it from that panel is currently not available, and the only solution would be to use that attribute in a folder, and then edit -> delete it (from the whole board).

Also, a suggestion to develop a panel in which you’ll receive a question whether ‘you want to delete attributes from the deleted folder’ is a good one. :slight_smile:

I’ve added everything to the suggestion queue.

Thank you very much!