Missing Intercom Button


Was wondering if intercom is still used in infinity as i can’t seem to see it?



Hi @CodeKnight :wave:

Yes, we still use Intercom and it is one of the fastest ways to reach our support. You can most certainly hide it by clicking on that “hide intercom” button, if you click on it again the bubble should appear in the bottom right corner of your screen.

It should always be there by default whether that’s in our desktop app or when you access infinity via browser.


This could also be an important question - how are you accessing infinity, through our desktop app or via browser?

Looking forward to your reply :v:

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I too am missing the Intercom button in my browsers. I’ve tried turning Intercom off and on, and use Firefox and Chrome, and it still does not appear.
I downloaded the Windows desktop version, and it does appear there.



Have you tried different width of the browser window? It might be related to a responsive view issue.



Yes, tried different widths, full screen, zoom in/out, etc. Thought it might be one of my Firefox add-ons / extensions, but I intentionally keep Chrome very basic just in case Firefox displays incorrectly, but it also doesn’t show the intercom button.



Hey guys @micck and @monten :wave:

Is Intercom button still missing for you?

We have fixed it and pushed the fix live for everyone and we got positive feedback from the people who actually experienced this bug. So, I am not exactly sure what’s going on here :thinking:

Can we double check if the intercom button is hidden or not?