Mobile App - Can't scroll down without accidentally moving fields


I have a long table list. When I scroll down I keep reordering the fields (rows).

Solution - A long press on a field before you can drag and drop the order. Also an “undo move?” popup that last a few seconds at the bottom of the screen.

The issue is I have to scroll to the bottom to click the “Add new row” button, on mobile it should just be sticky at the bottom of the mobile screen, just a “+” sign in a circle in the corner would be nice. Not at the bottom of the table.

I tried to create a form view, as I thought I can add new fields this way, but that does not appear on mobile, another bug maybe.

Without this simply fix the mobile app is unusable for me. Even just for viewing, because scrolling may reorder fields.



Hi @travis.sichel :wave:

Welcome to the community, we are stoked to see you here :partying_face:

When it comes to your problem, would you be able to send us a screen recording (video) of it, so that we can both take a look at it and see exactly what we can do about it? :thinking:

When it comes to our mobile apps, they do not offer the same level of functionality as our desktop app or web app (infinity), but that is about to change in the near future, as we are already preparing many improvements that will make your mobile app experience much better. :+1:

Regarding functionality, they do not offer all the views and functions (move item from one folder to another, drag and drop…), so in that sense, it really isn’t a bug, but just a lack of options (for now). :man_shrugging:

If there’s anything else, please do let us know as we would like to note everything down and pass it to our team!

Thank you :v: