Mobile App Upgrade!

I know that this isn’t the focus right now, but the mobile app is currently unusable, other than looking up an item previously created. Here are some of the issues I have found:

Editing Folder name doesn’t save
No flexible views (Only one view available, and it is hard to navigate)
No Offline mode (absolute game changer for me)
No added functionality, just a wrapper for a web page

I’d love to see a format more similar to the Productivity Elephant in the Room – Trello.

Or maybe there should be more brainstorming on this one? The Mobile World is starting to dominate, and mobile productivity with Infinity’s flexibility will be really cool! It just needs some TLC.

Hey bud!

I just wanted to share what Stefan mentioned a couple of weeks ago:

'In spring this year, we started to get a high demand for apps. In our opinion, most of the people are not going to organize complex workflows on mobile - but it’s a way to stay in sync, to find/add something quickly when you’re away from the PC and to be able to jot things down while on vacation :slight_smile:

We had 2 directions we could take:

1. Build native iOS and Android apps

2. Build great mobile responsive version and turn it into apps

The first option required around 6-12 months of work, hiring 2 or more app developers, and move our focus and budget from the core functionalities to invest in native apps. It’s basically means building a new product from scratch.

The second option required 3-6 months of part time collaboration from our growing team of web developers who work on a core product and functionalities, without the need invest additional budget only in mobile.

We decided to go with second option and invested a lot of time adjusting the mobile responsive version of the product to have the UI/UX of the native app (design adjustment, full screen popups, headers, navigation, lazy load, etc…).

Of course, the plan is to keep improving it in the coming months. Add horizontal scrolling, improve loading speed and more options to make the UX great.

There’s one huge benefit to mention. All the features that are coming for web are also going to be instantly on mobile once they are released. In the second option we would need to build each feature 2 times.’

So the aftermath is that we’re definitely going to spend more time and invest more energy and funds into creating really (I mean, reaaally) powerful mobile apps, after we’ve expanded our team a bit further, hired more developers, have a better funding, etc.

If the LTD goes really well, we’re definitely going to see that much sooner!



That’s a smart decision!

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I agree and understand, there are priorities. I do think Offline Mode is a big one that has been talked about since the beginning…

I think there are a lot of things that we don’t see in this community anymore. Do we have an ETA for when we get to see the public roadmap board?

Hey @BaiJie,

Regarding the Offline mode:

Currently, Infinity allows you to type in data to Infinity while being offline. Although you’ll get a warning that you’re not connected to the Internet, the app should remember and insert/change the data automatically when you’re back online.

I’m doing my best to keep you guys updated with both internal plans and feature updates (usually shared by Stefan in Facebook Community Group, and re-shared by me here).

We’ve pretty much told you all the plans.

Right now, we’re finalizing the details for the LTD launch (next Monday).

New user permissions are close to the end (75%)
Gantt View is also very close (90%)
Form View is at 95%
Public/Embeddable boards are at 75%.

There are always bug fixes and weekly UX/UI improvements. :slight_smile:

I agree that we need to create a detailed public roadmap after the things I’ve mentioned are done. And we’ll make sure to do so.

Thanks Coa!

There are things that have just cooled down, or are now scattered throughout this community now such as:

  1. Comments upgrade
  2. Email integration
  3. Automation
  4. All open tasks
  5. Keyboard shortcuts
  6. Offline mode
  7. Full screen view of items
  8. Archive/Recovery
  9. Nested tasks
  10. Multiple label sorting logic
  11. Mobile view upgrades
  12. My day/Week view
  13. More complex reminders
  14. Calendar integrations
  15. Time tracking

That I don’t want to get lost in the chaos.

I’m not upset in the least by Infinity’s responsiveness! And I love the product. It’s just good to have a voice where the team can hear. And I am grateful for the MANY changes and upgrades that I have seen as a result of this little community.


I echo the list @BaiJie outlined…thanks for doing it! I also second the sentiments he expressed in his closing paragraph.

I’ll add “tooltips” to his list.

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Hi @BaiJie,

Thank you very much for this message.

Just like @chrish, I fully support your action to do so.

I’ll do my best with the new updates, roadmap, plans, etc.

  1. Comments Upgrade – As I’ve mentioned before, the plan was to implement a different, richer editor to a Long Text attribute. It still has some glitches (will be resolved soon), and we’ll have an easy process to ‘migrate’ it to the Comments, as well.

  2. Email Integration – Not fully supported (lack of native integration), but available via Zapier.

  3. Automations – (Hopefully) early-to-mid 2020. Yet to be defined. It’s in the current roadmap.

  4. All open tasks – Like ‘My tasks’ similar to what Asana has? If I’m correct, that’s a ‘workspace overview’ feature, which also got delayed, and is still yet to be defined.

  5. Keyboard shortcuts – We can work on this after the ‘The Big 4’ (Gantt View, Forms, Public Boards and Advanced Permissions).

  6. Offline mode – I responded on this matter here. Still yet to be perfected and refined in details. Not sure about adding it to the current roadmap.

‘Currently, Infinity allows you to type in data to Infinity while being offline. Although you’ll get a warning that you’re not connected to the Internet, the app should remember and insert/change the data automatically when you’re back online.’

  1. Full-screen view of items – We can work on this after the ‘The Big 4’. + suggest adding this to the current roadmap.

  2. Archive – It’s in our current roadmap, definitely after ‘The Big 4’.

  3. Nested tasks (double grouping?) – all I can say is that I can suggest to add it to the current roadmap.

  4. Multiple labels sorting logic – I believe this is a bug that’s yet to be defined.

  5. Mobile apps upgrade – definitely 2020.

  6. My day/Week View – Have you tried the ‘day/week’ view in Calendar? Also, it’s going to be available in the (rapidly) incoming Gantt View.

  7. More complex reminders – In the roadmap for 2020.

  8. Calendar Integrations – Some available via Zapier, but Native yet to come.

  9. Time Tracking – Our integration with Clockify is live. You’ll need to install Clockify’s Chrome/Mozilla extension, and it should be visible in Infinity.

  10. Tooltips – Can be added to the current Roadmap.

This is the ‘current roadmap’ I’ve mentioned a lot of times.

One more note: ‘The Big 4’ is hopefully coming between the end of November – mid-December.

I’m sorry that I don’t have more precise information, but this is my best and most transparent shot. :slight_smile: