Mobile Sign-up Problem

When using mobile to go through the sign-up process, once you get to the “Choose your industry” section and you click on the arrow to activate the dropdown to select an industry, it causes the phone’s keyboard to pop-up at the same time which then closes the dropdown menu. So, you can’t type in the field or choose from the dropdown menu and can’t continue set-up.


Hey Allie,

Thanks for taking the time to write to us.

We’ve experienced this bug before, but it was fixed last night.

Can you please check again, and see if it’s working now?

Thanks, Allie.

Hey @allie.angelo19, welcome to Infinity community :wave:

Thanks for the bug report :slight_smile: It’s solved now.

The mobile app will be released in Q1 2019 until then Infinity will be only available on Web.