More elements in the Items Preview on Calendar View

Hi all,
my suggestion is about items preview on calendar view.
I would prefer white tasks’ box and labels shown in the preview.

I use Infinity for social content calendar and use labels, for example, to indicate in which social network the post will be published.

So, it would be helpful for me, viewing the calendar, understand immediately which tasks are for facebook, which for instagram and so on.

I think Trello calendar view could be a good model.

Done tasks can also be crossed out when completed.

Hey @fra!

First of all, welcome to Infinity’s Community Forum!

Your suggestion has a strong & valid point.

We’re currently in the process of improving Calendar View. It’s maybe 50% done, with more options (daily, weekly) view, alongside UX/UI improvements regarding which attributes we can show on an item in Calendar View. We’re still brainstorming about the improvement no.2 (regarding UX/UI), and your timing to suggest something like this might be ideal.

Thank you very much for your input.

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