More Intelligent Dashboard

Currently Dashboard is quite similar to Trello’s which is also not intelligent.

It would be great to see more intelligent Dashboard with,

  • Approaching Task Deadlines
  • Possibility to select or upload Dashboard background image
  • Important 5 Notifications
  • Recent 5 Messages
  • Recent 5 Changes
  • Last used 3 - 4 Boards
  • Number of Completed Tasks (or something like that)
  • Number of Days Progress Made (based on progress or completions or any other means you can think)
  • A line chart with daily, weekly, monthly, yearly progress (or any other variables you want to include in chart)
  • etc… this area is so untouched right now in app and is so much open for creativity. Plus it is the face of the app, this will just rock the platform.
  • From user case point of view just think of Enabling Business Intelligence for users through Dashboard Information.

And most importantly nothing new to be developed for most part. All that exists in DB, we just need to show it intelligently on Dashboard. This can prove game changer with minimal efforts and users will just love to sit and look at the Dashboard. :slight_smile: while it will be so much informative that it can enable business intelligence for users.

Also Workspace Dashboards can also inherit same implementation and also workspace level business intelligence can be enabled.

I’m thinking even Board Icons can have some more intelligence like,

  • Symbol indicating some change was recently done.
  • No of new Messages on any task of that board.
  • etc… anything you can think can add value.
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Hey @gosahd!

Thanks for the awesome suggestion. A couple of months ago, we introduced new Dashboard, and the plan was to create a ground (base) for more advanced stuff like that.

I will definitely forward your idea to the team and create a suggestion ticket out of it.

That’d be something that distinguishes us from other tools, as well :slight_smile:

Thank you very much.


Thanks Coa.
I know so much planned ahead and there is only so much team can do.
However, like some of the features of current infinity are just close identifiers that gives unique touch of infinity, I think this feature is also an instant identifier that has potential to create raving fans.
Some PM tools have been introducing bits and pieces of this by the way, which you would already know.