More specific Email notifications

Hi team,

I (and my boss) would love to see the changes that were made via email notification, including comments, attribute changes, added attributes, etc.

Essentially what is included in the Activity Log.

Is it maybe possible to implement custom notifications? You could choose from one or multiple drop down menus sorted by topic (attributes, forms, comments, data input/change/deletion, …) what you want to be notified about, choose if it’s done immediately, daily, weekly, monthly …, Choose which users or user roles are notified, choose the information depth like something changed, user xyz changed something, user xyz added, deleted,… Something, user xyz added this e.g. comment “comment quote”.
That would pretty much mean infinity possibilities for notifications.


Yes, Please!

Add on To Do notifications with this level of configurability, and life would be so nice.

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Hey @BaiJie, @micck!

Thanks for suggesting this functionality.

We’re definitely improving the Notifications feature this year, and this is a great suggestion. :slight_smile:

For now, I guess Activity Log could cover a portion of this work.

One of the big points for this here is our upper management team doesn’t want to be on Infinity often, but is always on Email. If he could get access to the info via email he would be much happier. Thanks for all your work!

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