Move Folder(s) & Board


  1. Can I move folder(s) across Board?
  2. Can I move Board across Workspace?



Hi @irfantony,

  1. You can easily move folders within a board by drag’n’drop. You can’t however, move folders between boards or workspaces, it’s a real bummer. As a workaround you can export folder as CSV and then import it in a desired destination.
  2. Yes but by using “three dot menu”. It’s weird we can’t do it by drag and drop, I guess it’s a bug.

Somebody should submit a request to have drag-n-drop capability for moving folder across boards or workspace.

Hey guys @irfantony,

Move board to a folder, and move folder to (another) board is a feature which is done, but needs to be reviewed and published.

However, moving across workspaces is something that we need to work on and implement yet.


So if I am reading this thread correctly that means we will see that soon? I just created a To do list table template I want to use in all my boards, but I could not find a way to save my table as a template.
I am a general manage at a Home Owner Association and each Board is a department so using the same to do list would be helpful.
Sorry if you have already answered this. Just found your software yesterday and purchased it last night.

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Hey Dan!

It’s good to have you here, welcome!

Thanks for the opportunity.

That’s correct :slight_smile:

Move Folders to Boards & Move Boards to Folders is ready to review feature, and then merge :slight_smile:

Hi @coa, can you tell me an estimate on this, like 2020 Q2? Maybe even a month? I need to reorganize (read: simplify) my data structure and moving folders between boards would be an enormous time saver.

But, no pressure, you know :wink:

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Hey bud!

In the recent feature scoring/evaluation session, Move Folders across boards (and boards to folders) received 8/10, however a couple of big features have been scored 9 and 10.

My estimate would be late spring to early summer.

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Okay, so I’ll start CSV export/import session this week :slightly_smiling_face:

I know you’ve guys want to do everything as soon as possible but to implement fetures you need to focus so don’t worry :smile:

Btw, what frequency do you estimate to deploy new features (whatever minor they might be):

  • each month
  • or as they are marked as ready to deploy?

Just curoius :slight_smile:

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It really depends on what you consider by feature.

From one standpoint, we’re doing best to release new changelogs each month, but we tend to be late every 3-4 months and lose track in all the mess. I’m sorry for that, a big part of that is my fault. But we never skip more than 2-3 weeks (to announce monthly updates, at least).

From another standpoint, there were months in which we didn’t build anything ‘new’ (completely visible to our members), but made terrific progress. Performance and speed of the application has been one of those, and we’re starting to see some kick-ass results. They will amaze you :slight_smile:

So something between the two frames you’ve mentioned. But I’d say we’re leaning more towards monthly releases.

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Now, I’m not sure what I asked about :man_facepalming:t3: :wink:

Anyway, Im looking to see next changelog or (even better) roadmap board :smiling_imp:

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Seems you can now drag and drop boards between workspaces.

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Yes, you can but for now you can’t move a folder from Board A to Board B.