Move Folder(s) & Board



  1. Can I move folder(s) across Board?
  2. Can I move Board across Workspace?





Hi @irfantony,

  1. You can easily move folders within a board by drag’n’drop. You can’t however, move folders between boards or workspaces, it’s a real bummer. As a workaround you can export folder as CSV and then import it in a desired destination.
  2. Yes but by using “three dot menu”. It’s weird we can’t do it by drag and drop, I guess it’s a bug.


Somebody should submit a request to have drag-n-drop capability for moving folder across boards or workspace.



Hey guys @irfantony,

Move board to a folder, and move folder to (another) board is a feature which is done, but needs to be reviewed and published.

However, moving across workspaces is something that we need to work on and implement yet.

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So if I am reading this thread correctly that means we will see that soon? I just created a To do list table template I want to use in all my boards, but I could not find a way to save my table as a template.
I am a general manage at a Home Owner Association and each Board is a department so using the same to do list would be helpful.
Sorry if you have already answered this. Just found your software yesterday and purchased it last night.

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Hey Dan!

It’s good to have you here, welcome!

Thanks for the opportunity.

That’s correct :slight_smile:

Move Folders to Boards & Move Boards to Folders is ready to review feature, and then merge :slight_smile: