Move item to different folder on 1st of month

I’m wanting to create an automation that moves an item to a different folder on the first day of every month. But it seems there is no possible way to tell the system to do that. Either the option to move an item is not available based on that particular criteria, or I cannot create a filter/condition to do it.

Someone please help!

Hi there @braxton :wave:

Alright, using our automations you can most certainly move an item from one folder to another, you can even set a date / time when you want that to happen. You can use our trigger “when date arrives” and then use the option to move item, that is the simplest possible way.

Or you can use the “update item” action, where you are going to offset the date for 1 month, and then add an additional action to move it to a very specific folder. Once the item is moved to another folder, the item will have +1 month added to it.

However if you want to keep moving that same item, you’ll have to create multiple automations and with that you will need to create a condition and use our source folder attribute to tell your automation exactly where to focus on (what folder).

You can, of course, elaborate a bit more on your use case (how many folders are we talking about, why do they need to move, what is the end goal?) and we’ll try to help you out with this @braxton

Cheers :v: