Move items between grouped source folders?

“You can now move items between grouped source folders.” is an update on the May 15th Change Logs list. Could you please give an example of how this works?

Hi @chrish,

First of all, ‘Source folder’ attribute allows you to see to which folder is a certain belonging to (in either the sidebar or modal).

Furthermore, we have a ‘Folder Overview’ feature which basically allows you to see an overview of all items belonging in all subfolders for a specific parent folder.

As you can see in the video I’ve shared, my ‘Social Media Plan’ parent folder has a subfolder called ‘April’. Therefore, ‘April’ has a couple of subfolders divided by weeks.

Now, if I want to see data combined from all of those (sub)folders, as well as the parent folder, I just need to click on the parent folder (Social Media Plan, in this case), and I’ll see all the data from all of those folders.

Now, we’ve enabled a feature to ‘Group by Source Folder’, just like you can see in the video.
(Mind that before Grouping by Source Folder, you’ll need to create a Source Folder attribute for a single item in each folder you wish to see items from.)

Now, Group by Source Folders is showing us a cool view of which item belong to which folder, right?

Now, you can move the items from one folder to another, just by drag&dropping in the folder overview with the Group by Source Folder feature.

Hope that clears things up :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I appreciate you taking the time to clarify, but the video you posted isn’t playing.

Your explanation makes it mostly clear. However, if possible I’d like to see the video to get the full visual clarification… there are still a couple things I think seeing the video will clear up. Could you re-post it so it’s viewable?

@chrish, sorry about that.

Here’s another try:

No worries, but that link isn’t opening. When clicking the link, another browser tab opens with an error notice that reads “404 - image not found! The url you entered is invalid or expired”.

I got it now though. Originally, I had the sense it’s not as complicated as it appeared. The part I didn’t get is that to move items between grouped source folders, we specifically have to be in Folder Overview with “Group by Source Folder” and “Include items from subfolders” enabled.

It’s not clear in the Update: 15. May 2019 - Change Logs post that Folder Overview is specifically where we use this new feature. Before creating this post I searched Infinity Help Center but couldn’t find an explanation of how to use it.

Perhaps I’m the only one that experienced confusion about where and how to make use of this feature, but I think it would help to add “(in Folder Overview, with Group by Source Folder and Include items from subfolders enabled)” to “You can now move items between grouped source folders”, in the update post.

I can tell from other users’ posts they are vastly more experienced than me with using project management software, which I appreciate because I’ve learned a lot from them. I’m a newbie with it so I thank you for your patience.

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