Moving board after 15-days TRIAL period is over



As a new user, I was offered with 15 days ‘trial period’ of next level plan, allowing 2 extra workspaces.

I have created boards in the other ‘two’ spaces.

After the expiry of 15 days period, I now regret my consideration to be enticed with the trial period offer by INFINITY to try ‘extra 2’ workspaces that is in the next level plan,

I feel annoyed for the following reasons due to following constraints placed.

  1. When i choose to delete the boards inside the spaces, I can not DELETE these boards either, since they sit inside ‘extra’-on trial spaces. When I choose DELETE, the only option is to upgrade to next level plan.
  2. Also, moving them in my Workspace out of the ‘extra’ workspace is also not feasible.

If this is am ongoing annoyance, I am looking for solutions

No, I do not want to invest in the next level plan, as the platform still has lot to achieve.

Woudl appreciate if there is any assistance available that I can delete these workspaces, so they don’t show up on my face each time I open up regretting my decision to subscribe to a 15-days trial.

Best regards



Hi, and Welcome to the community!
That sounds really inconvenient. I am sure the infinity support can help you moving there boards for you.
When being in your infinity dashboard there’s a chat bubble in the lower right corner. Contact the support they and they will help you quickly. Is there’s no chat bubble, click on your avatar in the upper right corner and choose show intercom. Then the chat bubble will appear.
Let me know if it worked for you!

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Hello @shekhar, welcome to the community!

I’m a bit confused about what happened here, to be honest. We don’t have an offer for the trial of the next level plan.

However, what we do have is an option to create as many workspaces as you need - and each time you create a workspace it will first be on a short trial (it used to be 30 days but now it’s only 1 day because we officially don’t offer a free trial anymore).

The trial is there to help you test a workspace and see if Infinity works for you or not. Once the trial expires, your data in there is safe but unfortunately, you won’t be able to use it anymore unless you decide to upgrade. If you need more workspaces you can upgrade, but if you don’t you are not required to upgrade of course. :slight_smile:

That being said, we can, of course, help you resolve this issue easily if you wish to move your boards to your ‘Subscribed’ workspace. For that we would just need your workspace IDs. Could you perhaps reach out to our support agents (@micck nicely explained how to do that, thank you!) and let them know about your issue and they will explain how to share your workspace IDs. Once you do, we will just ‘extend the trial’ on your workspaces that are expired and then you will be able to move the boards to your original subscribed workspace. Thanks!