Moving Cards with Checkbox Checked


Is there a way for the following scenario…

I have cards in various lists. I have a checkbox that I check when the card is completed.

Is there a way, in Infinity, for the card to be automatically moved to another list when the checkbox is checked?




As far as I know, you cannot do this. I hope the first automation release will allow it.
For now you can filter out all checked items so they disappear from your card list.



Hi @landofawz, thank you for your question.

Unfortunately no, that wouldn’t be possible for now, at least not until we release our automations, just as @micck said.

If you do not want to see items that were “checked” you can filter them out, however - I suspect that the use case is much more complicated than that, for which - we are going to have to wait for our automations, which are currently being developed (we are also testing some of them… reminders…:wink: )

You can track our progress on our automations over here :v: