Moving item betwen Google cal with automations

Hello hello, I am trying to do this:

Copy item from Folder 1 to Folder 2 based on Automation /Trigger is set when Folder 1 item label changes, than the item is moved to Folder 2
This works ofcourse
Yet at the same time I would like this change to be reflected by Google Calendar: the item in Google Cal to be moved from Cal 1 to Cal 2, as the Folder 1 is synced with Cal 1 and Folder 2 is synced with Cal 2.
This does not work. although Item is moved between Infinity Folders, the change is not reflected by Google calendar and Item stays in Cal 1 associated with Folder 1.
Anyone has a suggestion please? Thank you in advance.
PS– Infinity is a Gem

Hey there @marek_kopecky

This is an interesting use case, I would have to go through it and come back with some solid feedback, but before I do that, I do need to ask you a few questions:

  1. Are the same date attributes used across different folders
  2. Does the item appear in the calendar view you synced with google chrome (when moved to folder 2)
  3. Did you wait for some time to see if changes are going to apply?

Let me know whenever you can and I’ll see if it’s something we overlooked, if its a bug or something else.

Thank you :pray: