Moving items between folders

When moving multiple items between folders, I have to select the “Move” button each time I move it over. I am requesting one of two things:

  1. “Remember my choice” so that multiple moves don’t result in multiple prompts of an action I just performed
  2. Multiple item selection (which has been requested multiple times…

Hey @BaiJie, thanks for the suggestions!

When you choose Move & Merge, it actually remembers your choice and doesn’t ask you again but that’s because by merging once you already have all the attributes in the destination folder so it doesn’t change anything. However, with Move, things are a bit different because you’re only moving the item without its attributes.

Multiple item selection is going to solve this issue for sure - and that should be live in May/June. :slight_smile:


@Jovana Was the Multiple Item Selection feature added? If so, how does one use it?

Hi @paul.marshall, multiple selection was postponed unfortunately. :pensive: Along the way, we opted for some other features and are now working on priorities such as mobile apps, public boards, advanced permissions, and then we need to work on forms and Gantt.

Multiple select is still on our roadmap, but we decided to put it on hold for now since it’s not an essential feature for many users.

@Jovana Thank you for the Response. I have 141 items I need to move from one folder to another. Is there another solution besides moving them one item at a time?

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Could you tell me a bit more about your use case so we can figure out the best solution? You can also ping us on support if you wish.

If this is something best for support I can go there. I just didn’t consider this a support issue since the application is doing what it’s suppose to do. I just want it to do more. :smiley:

My Use Case:

We use our Boards for Software Development and Maintenance. Each Application has it’s own board and each Developer has a Sub-Folder assigned to them. Items are added to the Parent Folder and when a Developer is ready to begin work on a Task they take the Item from the Parent Folder and move it to their own. We’ve been doing it this way for sometime and have decided we don’t like it. We want all items in the Parent folder and the Developer will just assign themselves to the Item instead of moving it. But, now I have quite a few Items that we want to move back to the Parent folder from individual sub-folders.

Thanks for the detailed explanation. Unfortunately, right now the only option is to move those items manually one by one. For some future situations, I suggest creating a system that allows you to move tasks as you work - so as to avoid bulks that you then need to move.

For example we have an Archive folder and we make sure to move our finished tasks to this folder after each week. Rather than letting them pile up.

And of course, multiple select is a must-have functionality in the future. We’ll definitely add it, we just don’t have a precise ETA at the moment.

You might want to use the option “include items from subfolders” in the parent folder to speed up the process.
Also if you use table or list view this option might already solve your problem for now.
If there are different parent folders tell the developers to move their items back.
In any way you have less to do.

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I used option to export to csv/import from csv when I moved folders to another workspace. In 5 minutes you can move thousands of items.

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Thanks @micck and @man, bot great suggestions. However, I’d just like to add that when it comes to csv import/export, that would work great if you want to start from the beginning in another board. But if you already have some items in this parent folder, you won’t actually be able to add more via csv import.

But ‘include items from subfolders’ can work pretty well in your case, and then when your developers finish all current tasks, you can just go to your original idea - move done tasks to an archive folder (or delete them if you prefer) and start adding all new tasks to the parent folder.

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How do we multi select items?

No can do… Not yet

Hello @ceyentra, welcome to the community!

As @BaiJie said, unfortunately it’s not possible yet. Our team is currently working on this feature. We are running a bit behind with this as there have been some challenges with developing this feature that we didn’t expect. I’m also hoping our dev team figures it out soon and we implement this feature. :pray:

hi team, whats about this feature? the first record is april 19 ?!

Hi @taitl Welcome to the community, we are happy to have you here :pray:

When it comes to your questions, I am not exactly sure what feature you are referring to, could you be more specific, or at least let us know what you are looking for?

When it comes to these features and this whole thread overall:

  1. Moving items between folders is possible, simply drag and drop them
  2. Multiple select is also an option, so now - you can select multiple items ( ctrl + click on the items you want to select) and move them anywhere you want or delete them.
  3. When it comes to CSV import, now you do not have to create an additional subfolder or folder in order to import additional data, you can import into an already existing folder without any issues :slight_smile:

Let me know if that helps or if you have any other questions, I’ll be happy to help you!