Multi-select items for transfer to new sub-folder


I like the concept of having sub-folders but I can’t imagine filtering out hundreds of items and then having to move them separately to a new location on a one by one basis.

In a world of proposed efficiency, that is just wrong.

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Thankfully the people here at Infinity are way smarter than I am.

It turns out that I really didn’t want to pull out items into a new folder. I just wanted to see the data in a new way.

By adding new tabs to the top bar I can have as many filtered views as I like, sorted the way I want and customized to show just the columns I want. Brilliant.

For example, I had a large database of potential sales leads and I wanted to just show certain areas or whatever. Now I still have one central folder but I can view it many ways.

Do note that this option is not mentioned in the tutorial videos which seem to reflect an earlier version.

I am all for this concept since any changes I make in any of the view tabs are reflected globally in my central database and I’m not worried about which folder has what, or whether I have duplicates.

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Hey @leshenderson,

Thanks for the topic :slight_smile:

I feel like there’s a lot to cover here, haha.

First of all, I’m glad you managed to find the perfect use case and recognize the value of tabs.

However, the multi-select feature is super important, in much broader examples, rather than just moving items from one folder to another. Our plan is to focus on it in Q2, hopefully.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

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