Multi-select items for transfer to new sub-folder

I like the concept of having sub-folders but I can’t imagine filtering out hundreds of items and then having to move them separately to a new location on a one by one basis.

In a world of proposed efficiency, that is just wrong.

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Thankfully the people here at Infinity are way smarter than I am.

It turns out that I really didn’t want to pull out items into a new folder. I just wanted to see the data in a new way.

By adding new tabs to the top bar I can have as many filtered views as I like, sorted the way I want and customized to show just the columns I want. Brilliant.

For example, I had a large database of potential sales leads and I wanted to just show certain areas or whatever. Now I still have one central folder but I can view it many ways.

Do note that this option is not mentioned in the tutorial videos which seem to reflect an earlier version.

I am all for this concept since any changes I make in any of the view tabs are reflected globally in my central database and I’m not worried about which folder has what, or whether I have duplicates.

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Hey @leshenderson,

Thanks for the topic :slight_smile:

I feel like there’s a lot to cover here, haha.

First of all, I’m glad you managed to find the perfect use case and recognize the value of tabs.

However, the multi-select feature is super important, in much broader examples, rather than just moving items from one folder to another. Our plan is to focus on it in Q2, hopefully.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

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Definitely need this!

I was testing view i created and then went to attempt to delete the junk i had created and had to do it one at a time.

What if i accidentally imported a junk CSV file of thousands of lines, i would want to delete the whole lot in one go, not just one at a time.

Is there another way of doing this currently other than deleting the folder and trying again from scratch?

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Hey @CodeKnight

Unfortunately, for now, there is no way to make a workaround solution, but we are on the good path to start implementing this feature in the following weeks/months. :slight_smile:

The use case you’ve mentioned would be a priority, of course.

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My Man!

Interesting that i can’t copy paste a gif directly from Gify, had to save from desktop and then reupload.

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Haha! We’ll hopefully optimize GIF insert on the CF, as well :slight_smile: Though it might be Discourse’s part.

Yeah, actually to go directly from gify to here is to use the “From the web” option when you click on the “Upload Image” button in the text editor, instead of copy, paste directly into the box.


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Do you think that is something I, as a no-code guy, could do? :smiley:

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Yeah, im used to everything being fast food quick and easy. Additional steps :slight_smile: arghhh. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha, I’m not sure if we’re on the same page.

I also hate additional steps – That’s why I asked if I could be the one to optimize our Community Forum to make GIF upload faster (as our devs are really busy with everything ongoing)?

If I’m correct, you have a lot of experience coding, and seeing from your name here (Code Knight), I’d say you’re amazing at coding. :slight_smile:

I have no idea what’s involved but maybe this might help:

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Ha ha i thought you were asking if you could follow the steps of inserting a gif (that i mentioned), as a non coder. :slight_smile: Aww well.

As for the code side, i know some stuff, but probably not the language you would need to update webapps :stuck_out_tongue:

@man that plugin looks really promising.

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