Multiple Attributes vs. 1-2 Attributes with lots of labels...?

Hey everyone,

As titled, I’m struggling a bit with how many attributes I should - or shouldn’t! - make.

As it stands now, I’ve created multiple (prob 6-8) different “Label” Attributes to break down / describe / categorize my items in ways like’ life goals, business goals, importance vs. urgency, Priority, Horizon of Focus, etc.

What works best; creating many different attributes, or creating 1-2 “Master / Main” attributes with tons of labels / sub-labels?

What do my fellow Infinites (? LOL) do? Many attributes, or 1-2 with many labels inside of the Attribute?

Instead of having separate Attribute Labels for “Life Goals” and a separate “Business Goals” and a separate “Important vs. urgent” AND a separate attrib for…etc, etc.;

I could (did to test) create ONE “big” attribute that has all those items inside of it.

“Master Label Attribute”
Contains all these following labels (and more!)

  • Labels:
    • Life Goals
      • Family
      • Health
      • Children
      • Spirituality
    • Business Goals
      • Operations
      • Sales, Marketing, Prospects
  • Status:
    • Doing Now
    • Do Next


  • @Home
  • @work
    Etc. etc.

One issue I’m noticing / struggling with is frankly it can be a little difficult to keep track of / remember all the different attributes, and having to add them to appropriate folders and remove from others.

With ONE giant master label and tons of sub-labels inside of it, it would certainly make things more simple in that respect.

But then I worry about sorting / filtering / grouping;

Is it easier / better / faster / more efficient / cleaner & neater to have multiple different attributes in Infinity, or one?

I hope this makes sense & very much look forward to hearing what you guys do / how you organize your infinity and how many attributes you do or don’t have!

Thank You!

Hey there @strativourakis :wave:

Thank you for explaining what you need in detail, I am happy to see threads like this - so props to you :pray:

Regarding the labels in general - having more of them can be difficult and later on it can potentially cause some performance degradation especially if you have lots of items and lots of labels within each individual label attribute.

In my opinion I would have multiple label attribute especially if they are used for different “segments” of your life. There are two reasons for this:

  1. It will look much better, neater and faster.
  2. You will be able to easily group data by that "specific’ label attribute and get exactly what you need to see, it will also save you time - you won’t have to scroll a lot or create multiple filters in order to filter out unnecessary data that brings just “one” label attribute.

So from the example above - I would most likely create 4 different label attributes, “Life Goals”, “Business Goals”, “Status”, besides that I would add a “Priority” labels as well just so that I know what is important / urgent, what I can push harder on or delay.

These attributes would most likely be enough for me to create any kind of view I need -I can see tasks priority wise, I can see what I am doing on right now and I can see what they are impacting.

Labels are the most used attribute in Infinity and it is one of the most powerful attributes just because it allows you to create what you need, see what you need, group your data accordingly - so I wouldn’t be afraid adding a few extra label attributes if its going to help me organise and see my data better :+1:

I hope this helps at least a little bit :pray:

Thank You! Very helpful.
Can you tell me approx. what’s the ideal number of attributes & labels we should stick to, to ensure good performance?

So let’s say I did have 4 attributes; approx how many labels should I try to limit myself to, inside each attribute?

When talking about attributes impacting performance; Is there any performance difference between the windows, iOS apps and a web browser + Infinity?

Hey there @strativourakis :wave:

You are welcome.

Honestly, we don’t have a specific number, we would suggest sticking to around 20 labels per attribute, that seems like a reasonable number (technically you can go above 100 in each, but we wouldn’t recommend that). It is always better, in this case, to have a few extra attributes with less labels in it than the other way around.

Again, this all depends on the use case, how you want to organize yourself and much more.

Performance degradation includes many things not just the amount of labels - it can be the number of items, it can be specific attributes like “reference” and “formulas”, it can be the total number of items x values you have in that board, so it’s not just one specific “element”, its more things combined together - that can cause the above mentioned performance issues.

Yes, (this isn’t entirely related to the attributes, but overall speed and performance) desktop app should be the fastest when we are talking about loading speeds, switching between boards and much more.

Web browser (web app) isn’t that different but again you are using Infinity through a browser which can have 15 different tabs opened and 7 other extensions which can potentially impact the data and how the website looks and works ( examples of those extensions adblockers, grammarly, and similar extensions).

Mobile app would be on the place number 3 - considering that it does not offer the same functionality as our web app and desktop app.

Hope this helps :pray: