Multiple item selection in Lists

When editing a list, it would be nice (I think) to be able to select multiple items before the list closes. Currently after clicking on one item, the list automatically closes.

Then! the escape button could close the list (as it is currently)

Edit: There is a workaround – use the keyboard to type in the label, and hit enter. The window will not close, and typing in the next label will start the search for the next label.


Here’s a use case for this much-needed feature:

I use the General Overview and filter every item that I labeled “Next”. Because I am in the overview, I see all the items from all the folders. So I might have 20-30 items labeled “Next”. However, I can’t do 20-30 items at a time, I’d like to triage and only have 5 or 6 items labeled next and change all the other items to “queued”.

So I hold down the cntrl key or the shift key and click on multiple items I can’t select them all. I have to do it mannually 25 times if I am to clean up my “next” list.

…just one example of how it would work and how important it is to get this feature enabled.


Hi there @coa. Do we have an update on this? This one is pretty big for, well, at least me and @jmerante… haha

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I too am looking for an update.

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Wow, hey guys @BaiJie, @jmerante

Sorry for a slight delay in the answer! Shame on me. :confounded:

So we’ve been all over the place with releasing the payment platform this week.

I can’t promise it to come in under 4 weeks. I’ll do my best to push it as much as I can, guys. I promise.

I would love to see it in around 4-5 weeks from now.