Multiple Page Form


Hi, I need to create a form with quite a lot of fields. With the current form interface, my form will be too long.

It would be great if you could create multiple page forms.

And it would be even better if we could group the fields by something



Hi @febrianto.s, welcome to the community, we are happy to see you here :partying_face:

Regarding your request, definitely an interesting one, I believe it would be much simpler to just scroll down and fill out the form than change the page and continue filling it out.

Do you maybe have a perfect example of that? (the way it would look or anything similar, It would be interesting to see how others have done it / implemented it / made it work).

When it comes to grouping fields - unfortunately that is not possible, maybe in the future. That can be useful, but you can always drag and drop your questions (attributes) up and down to reorder them in whatever way you wish to -> would that maybe help instead of grouping?

Regardless, thank you for the suggestion, also - feel free to submit any other suggestions you might have via our form, it will end up on our community’s voice and everyone will be able to vote for it.

Cheers and thank you for the suggestions :v: