Multiple select update - additional bulk actions

Thanks for the update on multiple select. It works very well on my end.
Are there any additional bulk actions planned such as send email to selected?

Hi @micck,

Thank you - we’re glad you’re happy with multiple select. :slight_smile:

This is actually the basic version of multiple select and we’re planning to upgrade it in the future, so to speak. As for ‘send email to selected’, I can’t tell you as of right now whether this will be available, but it’s something we’ll definitely have in mind and work on. :slight_smile:

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Yea, the long awaited multi-select is very basic at the moment. Honestly, I feel that “Move items to folder” and “Duplicate” actions should have been included in the basic list along with the release. Hopefully, it gets added soon.

At the moment, we just have two actions which seems too less considering the amount of time we had to wait for multi-select. I was expecting more to be honest. These are what we have at the moment:

  1. Copy Links (what is this useful for?)
  2. Delete (this is certainly useful)

Hello @pathik! Thank you for the feedback. As mentioned, we definitely plan to add more to this feature.

However, there is actually one more functionality here that is very important:

  1. Move selected items (you can drag and drop multiple items to another folder for example) :slight_smile:
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@Jovana Are you saying “Move selected items” is available at the moment or it is something in the works?

Hi @pathik I’ll jump in and answer instead of @Jovana

‘Moving Selected Items’ is something that is available right now, here’s a little video on it in action: :+1:

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Please have the ability to bulk edit on Table view.

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Hi :v:

Thank you for the suggestion, we are definitely planning on introducing more options to our multiple select feature, however - that has yet to be decided by our team.

Your request will definitely help when it comes to deciding what to bring next to this feature, so thank you for that!

Cheers :beer: