Multiple Source Folders Displayed

Found this today while doing some mobile stuff:

I know this was being worked on before, I thought I’d just throw it on here again.

Thanks, @BaiJie!

Reported and will be taken care of today/tomorrow.

Thanks for all your hard work!

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@BaiJie, is the screenshot taken from the ‘Add new attribute’ panel?

Also, today’s the first time you’ve noticed this issue?

Hi there, sorry for the late response. This is the first time I noticed, but I have checked into it a couple times since and it is still there. The screenshot was just from the main view page.

@BaiJie, No worries!

I’ve pinged our dev team of the issue.

The thing we need to know (in order to make the script to solve this issue) is it in a specific folder, or maybe an overview of folders?

Thanks @coa!

I haven’t checked it in a while, but it didn’t matter what folder I was in (at the time I checked). Each location in all my boards had the same issue.

I also noticed that mobile doesn’t support switching views yet… How is the mobile app development coming along? Is there a timeline for offline mode yet?


We’re maybe 70% done with the apps. We’re expecting the first version in July.

However, mobile apps will feature the improvements of the current web version on mobile devices, which will 95% include switching views.

The offline mode is currently not on a high priority list.

Public boards, advanced permissions, .csv import (export almost being done) and mobile apps are current priorities. :slight_smile: Of course, I’ve missed something (like new onboarding, etc).