My Toolset/Process + Notes

I thought it might be helpful to post my toolset and workflow for the Infinity devs. There’s probably some feature requests in here - feel free to move if necessary.

I am a web developer/designer and project manager at an agency. I work with a small team of 3-4 people plus interface with clients. I’m also a solopreneur that works on a lot of my own projects and side gigs.


In the past I have started everything in Trello. I opted not to import anything from Trello to Infinity because I wanted to start from scratch - I like clean slates!

For a standard website project in Trello I’ll have a template of sorts set up with the following Lists:

Legend/Key - Color code and explain the project tags such as Design/UX, Development, Core Requirements, SEO/Marketing, etc…
Setup - We gather the requirements, logos/assets available, establish colors, establish goals, and dump everything into cards here. The final scope lives here and gets updated as the project moves forward.
Concepts + Pages - Here we define a sitemap and add notes to the pages/features we want on the website. We do a lot of discovery in design here. I use Figma to design and export mockups. Clients add docs, photos, and links to content for review.
In Progress/Live Queue - This is for what we’re currently working on. Usually a few cards at a time.
Live/Complete - This is for things that have been completed or features/pages that are live.
Upcoming/Requests - I leave this for the client, they can email to board and submit requests during the course of the project if a comment or card doesn’t fit somewhere else.

I think the most important aspect of our process is the client collaboration pieces where they are able to upload docs and images. The attachment tool in Trello is invaluable for us. It brings up attach from Trello, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive - some of the more popular cloud storage tools. I think these integrations should definitely be part of Infinity.

Time Tracking

For time tracking I use - which has been an awesome solution when I do need to track time (most times I don’t). Time tracking has never been a must for me but I know there’s a lot of great services out there that would be beneficial to have integrated with Infinity. My friend is the creative director at a F500 company and they use Harvest - anecdotal but worth mentioning.


I design in Figma but I’m used to exporting and optimizing images or prototyping directly in Figma. It might be cool to team up with another young company like that to build some cool integrations but what I don’t know exactly.


Our scheduling is all done through Google Calendar. I’ve seen Calendly become more popular recently. It’s probably worth having some integrations with the calendar view and other calendar/scheduling apps.


Finally I use VS Code to build projects - I think it would be awesome if I could create a TODO list and have it work cross app. So maybe a file in my directory with my tasks that syncs with Infinity and can be included for collaboration purposes? Is this something third party devs could build? Will there be a developer ecosystem for Infinity so we can build our own integrations?

I’m sure there are other great use cases for a VS Code + Infinity integration.

Other Tools + Zapier

Apart from the above we use various apps like RavenTools + SEMRush for SEO auditing - creating actionable task lists from the reports we generate would be amazing.

There’s some pretty large marketing automation platforms like Hubspot, Marketo, and Zoho that might be worth exploring integrations for. We have clients that utilize these, that we have to interface with - being able to hook into leads for example would be beneficial in creating table views for specific lists or research.

Google Data Studio - an integration with this would probably make a lot of folks happy.

Before I continue listing every business tool in the world it’s probably worth mentioning Zapier.

I think Zapier solves a lot of the problems you might face trying to build one off integrations on your own. Building an API and integrating with Zapier puts 1000+ apps in your pocket.

I think there’s a viable opportunity for Infinity to place itself above the rest through putting a lot of work into the integration side of things.

Then post about the integrations everywhere. I found Infinity through a Medium post so keep that up!

I’m looking forward to seeing what integrations get added to Infinity!