N8N Integration

Hello Infinity Community.

As I’m working a lot with process automations and I want to be as much as possible independent from 3rd parties and monthly payments I was looking for alternatives for Zapier, Make.com, Pabbly and Integrately.

Recently I come up to N8N.com (Node to Node) project and I was blown away of possibilities that you can do with the platform. And most intriguing one was, that you can run it on your own server or computer (yes it requires additional knowledge, but it’s possible and not so difficult).

The only Node I was missing is native integration with Infinity. I created a request in community and I need your help for voting, so I can get bigger attention, that Infinity community is big enough to do this integration. Please click on the link bellow and vote on this post:

Or maybe in the Infinity community there are developers who want to contribute to this project some of your time? Or maybe Infinity team can give some developer resources to this project?

I could dedicate my time and be a project manager for this integration.