Native Mac application

Although building a full Mac app can be a lot of effort and likely not worth the time, I would like to suggest that you use Catalyst to convert your existing iPad application into a Mac application. This is super simple and would provide a native client on the Mac. For more information on Catalyst (if required) see this link from Apple:

Yes, Catalyst will allow a lot of great iPad apps migrate to the Mac. I’m always in favor of as many choices as possible. Of course, it seems to me that the web experience with Infinity is pretty good — and the iPad app is pretty much a wrapper for that, I think. However, I suppose a native app would allow a person to work offline (?).

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It does appear that the iPad app is mostly a wrapper for the website, but having a single window that is not part of the browser would be more useful, in my opinion. Given that the cost of doing this is so low it would be nice to have.


Hey @mike.shappell, @robbchadwick

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and advice.

I’ll make sure to forward your suggestion to the team! :slight_smile: