Native Microsoft Teams Integration


Many who use Microsoft Office are now using MS Teams.

Planner, while a Microsoft product, still seems way behind the times and development there seems to be a second thought.

If Infinity doesn’t get full chat based features like Teams or Slack then it would make sense to put Infinity inside of Teams…

All management would then drive off Infinity with Teams acting as a persistent chat space with file storage.


Awesome idea, @bagley.travis68

Thanks for the brief.

As we’ve recently implemented ‘Comments’ Section in Infinity and are trying to gather feedback about it, we’re still trying to figure out the strategy around the Chat feature.

(Regarding the Comments feature) As Notifications/Activity Log are scheduled for a few weeks from now, that’ll be the perfect time to see the full potential of ‘Team Collaboration’ in Infinity.

Later on, we’ll work hard towards defining and implementing the best Chat feature as possible! :slight_smile:

All the best!