Need help to understand if Infinity can fit my habit and needs

Hi, i’m testing your product and i have a very good feeling after only few hours of use and some tutorials.
I’m a busy manager that fight the everyday war against time, to be efficient in my work without destroying my private life. I used many softwares to manage projects and tasks and i’m still in search for the “perfect one”.

My doubt about Infinity is about the way he manage the scheduling process.
Indeed my start of the week habit is to review all tasks/projects to fill my week agenda with the right ones; to do that i define the effort (in hours) that i want to dedicate to each task then i put it on my calendar.
My schedule is also filled with all others time based activities (appointment, call, meeting, etc…) that are not related to a project and that are synced from our CRM.
In that way my week is totally planned and i’m ready to start!

As you can see, all above is based on scheduling task by hours and, maybe i’m wrong, i don’t find a way to do that within Infinity.
Honestly i don’t understand how it’s possible to plan your time without scheduling by hours…
If you have any suggestion about that please let me know.

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Hi @lucmonc and welcome to ICF :slight_smile:

Tou can add 2 date/time attributes to an item and call them “Start time” and “End time”. Then in Calendar view you can set viewing preferences to contain range from “Start time” to “End time”.

Thanks for reply and help.
The best implementation i found in any task/project manager was in a (unfortunately) dead software.

Every task had attributes for Planned Effort (in day or hours) and Effort Left that’s calculated as PlannedEffort-Sum(task activities done)
Every time you plan to work in a task you need to set the amount of time you plan to spend on it, this can be 100% of task or, more often, a portion of total effort required.
In that way the Progress attribute is not manually created as it’s now in Infinity, but it will be calculated exactly like EffortLeft.
This is for me the perfect way to manage any planned activity!

Your solution (Start Time and End Time) is ok if a task will be done in one time, but can’t work if task need more time and schedules to be completed, for example if you plan to work in a task from 8am to 11am from monday to friday.
In this case in Infinity, if i’m right, i can only schedule the task from monday to friday, but i can’t “book” the working hours.

Again i need to go deeper on Infinity and any further suggestion/help are welcome.

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Oh, I see. I think I misunderstood your prvious post.

What you suggest makes sense, I think I could use something similar to improve my productivity. Can you provide a screenshot of the tool with the feature you described or at least the name of the software? Maybe @coa can add it to backlog then and one day you’ll see it live :slight_smile:

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The software name was Achieve Planner, but as i wroted is now almost dead with no upgrades since 2013 and few features now obsolete and not working. If you can contact me to my email i will send you more infos.

Maybe it would help you to be able to add do-dates. While a due date is the date until which something has to be finished, a do date is a date/time where you actually work on that project. Usually it takes several do dates to finish a project, but there’s only one due date.
The app Amazing Marvin uses that concept, that’s where I know it from.

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@micck Thanks for suggestion.
I just checked Amazing Martin and it seems very, very similar to Achieve Planner. I’ll start a demo to go deeper on it. My first impression is good but…
…no team management and i need it because i manage people together with my personal and business life
…it’s created by a 2 people as family business, so this concerns me about his future
What’s your feeling about that?

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Yes its built for individuals not for teams.
I don´t care too much if it´s a family business or not. It could happen this, it could happen that. Things can also happen to non-family businesses.
I do care about professionality (quality, service, …) and as far as I can say this is what they are.

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This is very interesting. I love it when science is used to create intelligent workflow. Unfortunately if every app I liked cost £12 a month I would be broke in no time.

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