Need to be able auto-fill & column/rows by clicking & dragging

If I want to copy the tags in this sample (Mood Column) I can’t.
I have to manually add them.
I would love to see these time saving upgrades made to the Table feature

  1. The ability to move a column/row L or R by dragging
  2. The ability to copy data in a field by selecting and dragging like in Excel or Airtable
  3. The ability for numbers with patterns to auto-fill i.e if I have 1,3,5,7 - I can click and drag and it will autofill the next numbers in the pattern - 9,11,13… again see Excel


Hello @isingit2!

When it comes to the 1) suggestion - this is already possible. You can drag and drop an item (row) to any other position or even to another folder if needed. And you can also drag and drop a column to any other position in the table.

Regarding the 2) and 3), thanks for the suggestion. Not sure if this will be possible to implement in the near future but I’ll add it as an internal suggestion. :slight_smile:

Thank you - 2 and 3 are really time savers and your competition offers those features so hopefully it can be added to the backlog for future updates.