Need Warning in remove member in Board Members & Permissions

Hi all, I found something annoying.

When you set up Board Members & Permissions, and choose to uncheck yourself (either intentionally or unintentionally)… and boom! Instantly you will lose access to the board.

I think, it would be better if given a warning so that it will minimize errors.

kamikaze action

Good catch…Plus one for this!

Hey there @febrianto.s :wave:

We have released an option for the users to leave boards if they would like to do so, this wasn’t possible before.

This request is reasonable especially if it was accidental, to fix the mistake will require contacting the owner or the person who has the ability to add you back to the board - which can take valuable time.

I’ll make sure to create an internal suggestion for this so that our team can review it and potentially introduce some kind of warning or a confirmation button of some sorts.

It would also be great if you could post this as a suggestion on our roadmap so that other users can vote for it.

Cheers :v:

great @marko and thank you

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You are welcome @febrianto.s :+1:

Thank you for requesting this, remember you can always share your ideas, suggestions and requests to us, we are very community driven and we like to hear what people have to say, what they would like to add, change or improve - it is the best way to grow :pray:

Cheers :v: