Nesting within main table


At the moment, nesting within Infinity is managed with folders. This quite powerful and with the overview folder allows for a fair amount of manipulation.

What would be very helpful in the overview folder would be two things:

  1. A table view that shows the nesting by folder (see attached)

  2. A Gannt chart view with tasks on the left, nested by folder, and timelines on the right. (I made a separate feature request for this).

See attached example from On can see the nesting with the down arrows and indents down to task level (no down arrows - so only 2 items shown to task level).


Hey @birgli, thanks for the suggestion! I took note of the one regarding Gantt already. Regarding the overview showing nesting in a table, let’s see what the community thinks. I think this is the first time we’re hearing this suggestion and I’m not sure how our dev team would be able to achieve this. But let’s see what other people think. :slight_smile:

Hi Jovana,

Thanks for looking. Conceptually its two screens. Left hand side is nest task view (scroll up and down). Right hand side gant chart which can be slid around (scroll left / right & up / down - with taks following on updown). A bit like freeze frame in excel.

Suggest looking at, set-up sample project.

would be amazing if this would work.

So basically you want a split screen to use two views simultaneously.
A quick workaround would be to have two browser windows open, one with each view.
But I agree this split view option would be useful as it can be used in a variety of settings: Form edit/preview, table/calendar, etc.
Did you already create a roadmap suggestion for that?