New "Chart / Graph" View


A new view template that converts the data into an assortment of interactive graphs based on the attributes selected.

Something similar to:

You would also integrate / include the current Gantt chart view into this new “Chart / Graph” view



Hi @CodeKnight!

I guess this would be a part of Reporting/Statistics feature…?

That one was planned for late 2020, I believe (or early next year).

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Yeah sure! I was thinking that the implementation of this could be as easy as a new tab / view. Doesn’t have to be a completely separate feature. Do you have more info on this upcoming feaute?

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Unfortunately not, apart from the fact that we’ve done quite a bit of research on the best way to implement it ( did it in a brilliant way).

Fun fact: We’ve had an MVP/beta feature of Reporting in the pilot version of Infinity (2017).

I can’t seem to find the screenshot, but at that time we’ve had a lot of complications building it. I can ask the team why.

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That is a fantastic and sexy! example for reporting. Also a great example for consolidating all the views and making a single place for you to see everything assigned to you.



Yeah, like fully configurable dashboard: a mix of reporting and assigned tasks.



The use of widgets is brilliant. It reminds me of how Android implements them to make information readily available on the home screen.

There’s some pretty juicy stuff there to reference!