New feature: Archive 🎉

If you’ve ever had a mini heart attack after you deleted something by accident, you’re not alone. But those days are finally over.

We are introducing the Archive! 🎊

From now on, when you delete your items, folders and attributes, they will first go to the Archive so you can easily restore them if you ever need them again or if you’ve deleted them accidentally.

You will notice the new Archive functionality at the top of your boards, next to the Activity Log, and from there you’ll be able to restore the data, check when it was deleted or delete it permanently - with the right set of permissions, of course.

On a side note, we have also re-implemented one simple but very important functionality - image thumbnails. You’ll be able to preview your attachments nicely in lists, columns and tables, as well as the item modal, just like before.

Let us know what you think of the Archive. 😉


Awesome, thank you! :grinning::+1:
I really like the search function as well as that you discriminate between folders, items and attributes.
One thing that would be use to add imo would be a multiple select, so that you don’t have to confirm for each deletion again and again (in case you don’t want to delete it all)

It’s a great new feature! I agree with @micck that we need multiple select.

Hi @micck and @chrish, glad you like the Archive!

As you may know, Multiple Select is also under way. We’re currently working on it, and I completely agree with you, it will be a great combination used with the Archive feature so I personally can’t wait for it. :smile: