New feature: Move Folders between Boards


Hey guys! :wave:

Another day, another update! And hold on tight because this is a big one.

To be precise, it was the fourth most voted feature on our public roadmap. Have you guessed what it is yet? :smile:

We’re introducing: Move Folders between Boards!

This long-anticipated functionality is now live, and with the impressive 167 votes on our roadmap, it was clear to us that it will change the way people use Infinity. It will allow you to reorganize your workspace easily at any point and it will open many other possibilities.

  • You can move a folder from one board to another to create a different setup

  • You can duplicate one folder and use it as a template in several different boards

  • Want to share just one folder with your client? You can now temporarily move it to another board for reporting purposes

And these are just some use cases that will be possible from now on. Plus, this will take a lot of the stress away during the initial setup because even if you change your mind later you can reorganize your data quickly and easily.

You will find this option if you click on the three dots symbol on the folder you wish to move - and among the options, you will now notice ‘Move This Folder’. If you click it, you’ll be able to move your folder to an existing board or create a new board.

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Note: Only users with necessary permissions will be able to move folders. (More details in our help center.)

Hope you’ll find the new functionality useful! :wink:



Music to my ears.

Could we also have this capability extended to “Duplicate without Items”?



Hi @j11, not sure if I’m getting this correctly. You mean like duplicate to another board without items?

If so - this is possible with the current functionality just with one small extra step. Basically, you would just need to duplicate your folder without items and then move that duplicate to another board. :slight_smile: Hope that can work!

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And to agencies, repeating the same process for various clients or projects is common.
You already have both functionalities enabled - duplicate without items and move to a different board, would you consider taking it one little step further to do duplicate to another board without items.

Little change, great help to business processes, reduces frictions and increase adoption.

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