New Feature: Public API and Webhooks


Hey guys!

It’s time for an exciting update - Infinity’s Public API and Webhooks are finally live! ​​🎊

From today, Infinity’s flexibility is becoming even more powerful. Now you’ll be able to connect Infinity to any tools and systems you are using - making it the ultimate hub of your organization.

You will be able to build custom apps, integrate Infinity with other tools, and build integrations with your internal data management systems. The use cases are endless, and we will make sure to showcase some great examples in the following weeks.

But before you can start building and integrating, here are some materials you might find useful:

Find out more about our API here.

Read our help article and official API documentation for detailed development instructions:

And check out the short video below we’ve prepared to walk you through the basics.

We really can’t wait to see all the great things you will come up with using Infinity’s API and webhooks! :star_struck:

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