New Feature: Recurring Items + other improvements


Hey guys, get ready for this week’s update!

Here’s what’s new:

#1 Recurring Items :calendar:

As we promised, recurring items are live! Now you’ll be able to create your tasks, projects and events in advance using a set schedule. With recurring items, you will be able to cut even more manual work from your day-to-day organization and focus on getting things done.

Make sure to check out our help article to find out how recurring items work in Infinity.

#2 Automations: Duplicate Folder Action :file_folder: :file_folder:

Another new action is live - now you will be able to create an automation that duplicates a certain folder once the conditions you have set are met.

#3 Table Row Height :arrow_up_down:

Here’s one UI improvement you’ve been waiting for for a while - from now on you’ll be able to choose your row height in the Table view. This way you’ll be able to get much more comprehensive tables and see everything you need to see at a glance, especially if you have Long Text fields with lots of content.

To do this, go to Customize while you are in a Table view and, right at the top, you will notice the option to choose your row height - small, medium, or large.

#4 Hide Time in Table :clock2:

Another improvement for the Table view is the possibility to show or hide the time field in your Date columns that include the time. If you click on Customize while in a Table view, you will find the three dots next to your Date attribute where you’ll be able to toggle the time field on or off, depending on your preference.

#5 Board Order in Board Switcher :closed_book: :green_book: :blue_book:

You will find a simple but very useful improvement we’ve made if you open your board switcher located at the top left corner of your dashboard/board. Now, the order of boards on the left will reflect the order of boards you have set up in your workspaces.

Hope you’ll enjoy the new functionalities and UX improvements. Let us know what you think! :blush:


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