New Features: Export View and Google Drive Integration


Hey guys, ready for an update?

Here are two new features we have implemented.

#1 Export View to PDF / Print :printer:

After exporting items to PDF, now you will be able to export entire views so you can keep them on your device as files, share them easily or print them out.

What’s great about this functionality is that you will be able to export tabs exactly how you have customized them. You will be able to choose which attributes you want to export and for tables, you will also be able to choose how they will look in PDF (choose a row height that suits you).

To export a view, simply click on the three dots on your tab and you will see the option to do so (exporting views works for Tables, Lists and Columns).

Read more here: ​​

#2 Google Drive Integration :file_folder:

From now on, you will be able to attach files to your Infinity boards straight from Google Drive.

To use this feature, you will need to have an ‘Attachment’ attribute on your items. Once you click to upload a file to your item, you will now be able to see the option to upload from Google Drive aside from your computer.

Keep in mind that for now Google Drive integration does not work on mobile devices.

Read step-by-step instructions in this help article: ​​

Hope you’ll enjoy the new features! :blush:



Love the Google Drive integration.

However in addition to uploading files we also would like to be able to link to originals in the Google Drive rather than uploading a copy. This is very useful if the original will change quite often and there is a need to make sure what you have in Infinity is up-to-date. Is it possible to also include linking?