New Organization Format

I have been unable to find a good way to organize a project I have going on. I don’t know if Infinity needs a new feature, or if there is a good application of what Infinity has that I am not thinking of.

This is a dynamic project that potentially involves lots of moving around… There are groups of 2-3 people in charge of groups of 3-20 people. I want to be able to re-assign the separate groups while maintaining the overall grouping.

The current solution is just using Excel, because the Infinity solution that I can think of requires making an item for all 150 members, and a label for all 150 members. I could then associate labels to members, and make the changes individually, allowing me to view each grouping easily in the table view.

Also, I’d like to be able to see whether or not I have used the card/label before…

Might be a lot here, but the product is called “Infinity”… :wink:

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